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Debian vs Devuan - the complete guide to choose

Debian its the mother of most famous distros, including Devuan!
Devuan project aims to made a complete linux distribution, but the fact its that tracks 90% of the Debian work..
The idea of this page is for those users very close to Debian, but that are not experts, can be oriented within the world of Devuan/Debian resources with respect to what they already know, in this way facilitating their inclusion in the world of Devuan/Debian bifurcation. Devuan except for systemd related, its just a Debian system converted from systemd to sysvinit. But Devuan its recomended for mid-to-advanced Debian users and/or server targets only,.
We have wo parts, overall differences, very vage and not so much, and more deep technical differences, recomended for those that will be used more thant only to see movies or browser the internet!

1) Overall differences

There's no great differences at the user level (in fact none respect usage), due Devuan its just a Debian to removal of systemd, all the rest of packages its a Debian copy/proxy and a different theme color (that does not have contrast).
Web pagewww.debian.orgwww.devuan.orgDebians have a too heavy landing page, but really improve the web organization, user now have clear vision to do..
Easy of useMediumHardDevuan or Debian are base/universal distros, after install you must know what to do
Novice RecomendationMint Debian edition, AVLinuxExe GNU/LinuxWithout ExeGNU users dont have a easy Devuan derived work
Venenux recomendationsVenenux 0.5 to 0.9Venenux 1.0Venenux was based on Debian, now on Devuan
Theme colorred, white base, great contrastiris, aluminium base, vage contrastDevuan colors does not make contrast, very vage for readers, unconfortable.
Main desktopGnomeXFceThe choice of Devuan was a perfect! due the Debian gnome are very limited in CD/Live
User documentationToo much extended, but there's many on the web!very fractured and inconsistentAll Debian non-systemd documentation are valid for Devuan!
Recomended forLinux usersServers and/or Linux users, programersDevuan its Recomended for server and programing/development but with tracking of Debian support
Overall supportA huge organized and workingvery weak and have lack of manpowersWell Debian has too much bureau and politic in structure!

Official Equivalent Resources

It should be noted that it is not an exact copy of, because it is an independent project where only its birth is a fork of the original debian. So not all the resources must have and exact equivalent of course.
Resource typeDebianDevuanObservations
Main oficial sitehttp://debian.org/http://devuan.org/Debian site its more simple and easy to navigate, simple colors
Packages info sitehttp://packages.debian.org/Not yetIts a pain fault for Devuan not have a package info site
Bug and reportshttp://bugs.debian.orghttps://bugs.devuan.org/Both uses reportbug system, same subsystem, Devuan only tracks debian system.
Release pageshttps://www.debian.org/releases/does not haveDevuan releass doe not offer detail info, only have
Projects and developinghttps://alioth.debian.org/https://git.devuan.orgComplete different systems
Package previews
http://mentors.debian.orghttps://git.devuan.org/devuanOnly similarity, no equal
All derived workshttps://www.debian.org/misc/children-distroshttps://devuan.org/index.html#distributions-based-on-devuanDevuan are a derived work of Debian!

Release equivalents

Devuan Jessie tracks Debian Jessie, ascii is tracking stretch, and ceres will always track sid. While stretch has reached stable, ascii still requires some work. Right now, debian buster is in testing and devuan beowulf, which will track buster, does not yet exist. Info at 2017:
Debian linux baseoldstablestabletestingunstableexperimental

Distro repository equivalents

Due Devuan tracks most of the packages from Debian, the same rules applies when experts users want to mix/use repositories:
Release cycleDebianDevuanWinbuntuMint
As you can understand, get Debian repositories (except for systemd depends) may will work as same; if you should need some software be packaged please consult the forums at Dev Galaxy forums.
Type of repositoryDebianDevuanObservations
Multimedia focusedhttps://deb-multimedia.orghttps://deb-multimedia.orgAll 99% packs works without problems
High Avalibility basedhttp://debian-ha.alioth.debian.org/None yet!Debian has special works for those cases, Devuan does not!
Debian ports/archshttp://ftp.ports.debian.org/debian-ports/None related or not appliedDevuan only have i386 and AMD64...
Google Chrome (amd64)http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/Debian Focused, Devuan must track over Debian

2) Devuan vs Debian: Tecnical differences

There two main technical differences: the init system, that gives to Devuan more performance; and the release cycle modernity, always behind; the rest its just copy/proxy of the Debian packages.
Tech itemDebianDevuanObservations
Init systemsystemdsys-v-inityou know what systemd are! a shit!
Support period5 years5 yearsDevuan support are behind Debian release cycle!
Code names releaseBased on toy story namesBased on minor planets solar systemTheres no unstable name
technological modernitymostly over 12 to 18 months12 to 18 months behind DebianDevuan are based on Debian work, so its more older respect fashion packages!
InstallerDebian-installera mix of refracta and Debian-installerThe refractra seem back to the old days of linux, involution?
Media installCD/DVD/USB/FTP/NETCD/DVD/USB/NETDevuan does not distrribute complete system, always must use network/internet
Architectures163 or 4 ?Devuan seems only have IBM-pc and ARM based/compatible

Devuan vs Debian: special and derived works

Debian it's known as the “Mother of all distributions” as we know, like winbuntu Devuan was born from Debian, so that said a lot:
Derived workDebianDevuanObservations
Novice and starter userLMDE,
noneDevuan does not have a starter recommendation based work.
End userLMDE,
Exe GNU/Linux,
Devuan does not have a good end user focused work.
Mid-end UserElive,KANOTIXExe GNU/Linux,
Almost all the derived in Devuan are miduser oriented
Avanced usersUnivention,KNOPPIX,
All Devuan derivatesDevuan its perfect for avanced Debian users
Derived special workDebianDevuanObservations
Education - generalSkolelinuxnoDevuan does not have any in general normal users for education, only track debian packages
Multimedia - generalVenenuX,AVLinuxnoDevuan does not have any in general normal users for multimedia
Multimedia - audio focusedVenenuX,AVlinuxEterTICs,DynebolicEterTICs and Dynebolic change to Devuan base
Multimedia - video focusedVenunuX,AVLinuxnoEterTICs and Dynebolic are limited in video multimedia
Multimedia - native GAMESVenenuX,SteamOS,
noDevuan does not have any for games, only track debian packages
Multimedia - emulators/gamesVenenuX,SteamOS,
noDevuan does not have any for games, only track debian packages
Multimedia - emulators/consolesVenenuX,SteamOS,
noDevuan does not have any for games, only track debian packages
Networking - penetrationKalinodevuan only tracks debian packages
Networking - securityKalinodevuan only tracks debian packages
Electronic - generalnonenoall the work was embebed into debian
Ingeniering - generalnonenoall the work was embebed into debian
Programing - generalCrunchbang,
AnyDevuan its perfect and recomended for programing
Programing - LAMP (php,web)Crunchbang,
AnyDevuan its perfect and recomended for programing
Programing - JAVACrunchbang,
AnyDevuan its perfect and recomended for programing

Devuan vs Debian: Unofficial Minimal images

There's few projects but the most close and similar are two only. In this apart, Debian has a advanced, due in it world, the Kenshi Muto images made a refresh of the current stable and integrate more recent kernels, on Devuan there's still not that feature.
NotesDebian b-i ImagesDevuan Minimal Images
The url sitehttp://kmuto.jp/debian/d-i/http://devuan.kalos.mine.nu/
AuthorKenshi MutoKatolaZ
Resource providedMinimal ISO for installMinimal ISO for live
Set of packagesRecent kernel, backportedsSame of official none especial
Type of ISOMinimal ISO for installMinimal ISO for live
FeaturedRefresh with backportedOnly few more rather than standars