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Palemoon 27 and 28 for Debian 7, 8 and 9, also for 10


Moonchild productions with Palemoon has known how to turn Mozilla Firefox into good opportunitie cos is currently a great option for those looking for a modern web browser that does not consume resources! WE HAVE THE PACKAGES AND HERE THE HOW IT INSTALLS QUICKLY!

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Introduction to web frontend


The "web 2.0" is called to the extensive dynamic loading (of web pages based on user interaction), all this "magic is thanks to javascript ... But JavaScript was widely adopted and needed a system of modules to allow the Modular code design; cos the global object was/is error prone and just bad way. 

From the creators of javascrip Nodejs was born , later NPM was integrated, with the growing wave the browserfy was created , then bundlers such as gulp and grunt arrived, and finally today we have the webpack tool.

Telegram video calls + 7 years


 Mobile: Telegram already tests video calls in its beta for iOS

Celebrating 7 years , the operation of video calls in Telegram is similar to that of any other application. From a user's profile, you can call them with the appropriate button. The interface of the call itself includes the typical buttons: mute the microphone, hang up and change the camera.

🇬🇧 ✨Telegram videoscalls + 7 years celebrating 

🇷🇺 ✨ Телеграма, видеозвонки + 7 лет празднования