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Alpine linux, the most faster, how to install in 30 minutes


Either way, this describes, step by step, how to get and install usage of main setup-* alpine utilities, as well as explanations for a complete install on common computer BIOS or UEFI based, the Grub loader supports EFI base and GPT partitions indexing, a DELL Vostro 230 was used specifically for this document.

CAUTION: this procedure will assumed that your hard disk drive are complete wiped and used only for alpine linux. for more specific installation see https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Alpine_newbie_install_manual

new TDE desktop must be default for Alpine and Devuan

The Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) released TDE R14.0.7 version, the mayor feature are that compiles in alpine linux due recent support to Muslc... as complete software desktop environment designed for Unix-like operating systems, offers all the features of heavyweight desktops but fits in all low end computers.. it's so light as xfce4 inclusively as like LXDE desktop.

infraestructure inconsistences will harm any project like devuan


Details will always make the difference, and here is a small but important one: Devuan, are almost all sourcered from Debian, BUT does not take on its own differences... leaving small but important DETAILS as errors, like this: in the bug report #363 the "important" severity is not for Devuan but in Debian it is... of course... they copied the bug report system, but forgot to polish the details:

Let's Encrypt: how to use DeVian dehydrated for many services as mail, web, etc

This guide will work for any Devuan, VenenuX or Debian system, including old ones, you can have a debian 7, 8 including debian 6 or 5 and it will still fit.
 dehydrated its the best solution for paranoic admins and those that not want stupid chain tools in their servers.. is thin, light and simple to use!