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VENENUX 0.6 firts release!!!!

LINK UPDATE; now link are static!!!!!

LINKKS updates, report problems to comments page! !!!!!

link UPDATED!!!!!!!.. AGAIN !! md5 checksum are into iso included!



in the venenux blog there are the changelog and features! awesome is the word to describe!

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Anónimo dijo...

A torrent would better to download, because server is surcharged and we can,t download anything !

MCKAY Brothers dijo...

link was update, sorry but i not have network in my home, and cyber cafe are expesive here....

torrent and amule soon provides by zealot bahkos

MCKAY Brothers dijo...

LINK update and staticaly linked, now theyre use no-ip (umm some rare, its supost to be use GNU only things!!???!)

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