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qt3 and new svn at trinity proyect, status of svn!

Qt3 status in Trinity proyect.

The Trinity project is a project build on/for the kde3 desktop using qt3 libraries, mixing in a future the qt4 libs, actualy are working hard with moderate results, but considering all the efforts made respect their daily task, the results are actually satisfactory.

However, problems arise due they not listen to those who do not know much but if capch better. Currently after qt3 arrice to new svn repository; and apply (without any study of) a journey of patches to the qt3 svn repo (in the qt3 3.3.8b series based), errors occurred when trying to compile from svn, this is because they are not studied patches.

The patches must have study, the best its taking as starting point the great repository of Debian, obviously cos is the only distribution caring  -> stability <--- not like Suse or Arch or Geento, that they prefer the lasted, without taking into the study of things that are made over software packages​​.

Currently for those who want a desktop with problems builds, would recommend to take as its starting point the debian project.

Changes on qt3 3.3.8c :

General Improvements

- Legal

    * This version complety does the GNU Public License version 3 as a
      real fre software package, due now implements libiodbc2 even unixodbc.

- Library

    * Addeds the features for qt & tqt trinity improvements, necesary 
      for the new refresh of kde3 : trinity desktop project.


- Hurd are now supported as GNU only OS, Linux its detected as Linux and not GNU.

- Oracle driver and MS driver its not included, theres a opensource proyect 
on sourgeforce for the oracle part, MS part not hav support by me part PICCORO.

- Firebird driver now link agains newers version and update.



    * Gcc 4.X its now supported, from 4.1 to 4.6 complety, compiles and by default 
      optimizations are made minimals, and not striped at install.
    * Gcc 3.4 are now supported for arm and similar platforms.

Third party components

- libmng

  * Many fixes for improve the kde3 svn kickoff animation.

Library General Fixes

- Many CVE and bugfixes , currently all kde 3 fixed were merged, and some 
  of valid qt3 fixed in old bugtraker from trolltech !

Platform-Specific Issues

- X11:

    * Fixed rendering of asian language texts.

    * Now use Xrandr 1.2.

    * Integrated the inmmodule input system.

- Mac OS X:

    * Fixed a regression in navigating nested popup menus.

- Gindows:

    * ???? what te fuck????? the qt3 by PICCORO its only for UNIX like.

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