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Multimedia realtime: what means Real-time and what not in sound and video editing

Currently in multimedia windows are a live option for most things but far away it's best MacOS as real multimedia.. and if you experience some deadlocks and crashes are you made a stupid work, read here and know why that happened: So In mac you can do everytjhing.. in Linux will need tuning and hard work and in Guindows just ignorantly... do the work between crashes.. some work..

In a Desktop when made multimedia thing you wanted fast response over stability.. if crash, just restart... and do again.. stupids windoser users do that over years... the reason are some concepts far away from just use a powered application for editing and made professional studio..
A sesion of flowblade using media from disk and live streaming from clementine .. all bypassing by the pulseaudio framework
For example, you're copying a 20GB file to your old USB thumb drive, or you're unzipping a large file, or you're compiling that large package from source, or you leave Dropbox in the background syncing gigabytes of files from their servers. Or you're doing "nothing" (in the foreground at least, but Gnome Tracker is heavily indexing your files in the background) and your environment stutters, hangs for a few seconds, and keeps doing that every so often.

A real time approach???:

There is a term that is still misunderstood: real-time. In this article you'll find what mean all in multimedia editing...no matter if are audio or video..
Real-time: Real-time it means "being predictable". If something needs to happen repetitively, so then make same result for amount of possible cases!.. so in a certain frequency, it doesn't matter if each cycle takes 1 second as long as it consistently takes the same 1 second - in all deadlines.

What's so then comes deadlines: the meaning:

The deadline: yes, you cannot have a perfect system, that's why the computers that renders Avatar movie and others are so powerfully: there is hard real-time where one peak or valley can be considered a catastropic failure, and soft real-time where you can handle a few peaks, but not so much. Hard real time requirements are rare, unless you're developing systems for nuclear plants you may miss a few deadlines.
Most responsiveness issues are related to soft real-time situations. You can handle a few sparse peaks here and there, but no more than a few. So In mac you can do everything.. in Linux with many tuning and hard work and in Guindows just ignorantly... do some work between crashes.. some work..

But i have windows and works great!? so?

People that have windows do not complain on the common problems.. just crash, restart do again.. crash restart do again.. so stupid.. but well works.. that's all!
You will also find that there are niche professionals with special distros just for audio recording and editing, for example AVLinux or KXStudio. Windows have many powerfuly applications.. or not? ignorant people just grab "Ilustrator" or "Vegas", but do you paid for that? oh so legal right?

SO what do i can do. if i not have a good machine?:

That's why so many people talk about MacOS or Linux-realtime.. in fact linux can be tunned MacOS dont.. let's see why:

if you search at Google for best audio software editing.. audacity comes second and adobe first.. but adobe are very very expensive, in latinoamerica and india.. million of people ignores that adobe must be paid!
MacOS is particularly good for media creators precisely because it's highly tuned for soft real-time, which is critical for software such as Logic Pro. And for the same reason, it's poor server OS .

But you don't need to use an audio specific distro or a hard real-time kernel. Critical audio Linux distros don't use PulseAudio, (in fast pulseaudio it's a shit) but normal users will not be so concerned about it. We can tune it to find a good balance between responsiveness and performance. If you really want to go hard-core, you may want to read the Linux Audio Wiki on Real Time, of course need a work from you.

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You can tell and paste in facebook so many times that you have a professional studio.. but really you have a stupid windows with some pirate-downloaded software copy-pasted in your constant restarted pc...

True studios uses MACOS and true great works are made it in linux like avatar does in the past! but need more work so if you want to come professional use MacOS and paid your software legally!

It's clear linux it's not for desktop.. due stupid developers focused on server-based code performance target; and solutions like CK/BFS patches from Con Kolivas are dropped!

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