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The alternatives to UDEV on Linux world

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Device Manager - Dynamic device management in Udev - Linux Magazine


udev (userspace /dev) is "the" device manager successor of traditional devfsd from Unix inherits when Linux was born, later from hotplug: manages device nodes in the /dev directory.


Since 2012 udev begins to be part of systemd shit! the problems comes when all changed.. by example kdbus will sustitute dbus and firmware loading will be implemented ar kernel only
So many software are in broken states also raised complication of portability of distributions.

OK I WANT TO CHANGE THAT SHIT OF SYSTEMD? Witch alternatives are on? 

  • Gentoo's eudev, which is a fork of systemd-udev from which systemd has now significantly diverged.
  • Devuan's vdev, which is active continuation work of a plug-and-play manager developed by Jude Nelson, that is part of Devuan.
  • Jude's vdev, which is device plug-and-play manager developed by Jude Nelson, not activelly developed cos Jude does not need more changes.
  • BusyBox's mdev, which contrary to another answer isn't a Gentoo thing. It's the plug-and-play manager that is built into BusyBox.
  • Suckless smdev which is a plug-and-play manager developed by Dimitris Papastamos part of Suckless conclave hackers.
  • Karbowski's mdev which is script focused and must be combined with lndev , lnmon also mdevd to managing kernel hotplug event.
  • Laurent Bercot's mdevd, which is configuration compatible with BusyBox's mdev but does its own socket handling and does not understand the LISTEN protocol.
Last fourts, require sets of rules describing how to react to kernel notification events about devices. Obviously, but combined with lndev , lnmon also mdevd to managing kernel hotplug event.

Taking in consideration when changed from udev-systemd

Finally, it is important to mention that there's udevadm , a tool to control the functioning of udev.
Also systemd changed the normal spected paths.
Udev for Device Management in Linux

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