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lets move to gitlab, Mocosoft gets github!


Was confirmed that MS adquired Github.. sad! obviously was a strategie: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/codeplex-get-down-its-really-estrategie-piccoro-lenz-mckay/

NOw many users are very unhappy and maybe move many code to Gilab a better choice and a better integrated platform that PERMITS PRIVATE REPO WITHOUT PAYMENT!


systemd: the new horror movie its here with ungry!

SEE BY YOURSELFT! be warned!

debian/devuan: missing "ifconfig command not found" SOLUCION

ifconfig y net-tools seria removido desde el año 2009, Devuan y Debian nuevos ya no lo instalan, en Debian 9 fue removido y en Debian 10 no estara ya mas el paquete.

OPCION 1) instalar el comando faltante
apt-get install net-tools
OPCION 2) Tabla de equivalentes, la solucion real y futura:
comando base/sbin/ifconfig/bin/ip
ver las ip (v4)ifconfig | grep "inet add" ip -4 addr | grep inet
ver  solo las configuradasifconfig | grep "inet add"ip link ls up | grep mtu
bajar y desactivar la eth0ifconfig eth0 down
ip link set dev eth0 down
activar la wlan0 configuradaifconfig wlan0 up
ip link set dev wlan0 up
dar mas MTU a eth0ifconfig eth1 mtu 9000 upip link set mtu 9800 dev eth0