Feeds, issues, packages and code source about emulation and pograming, of VENENUX proyects, Debian related distros and massenkoh!

linux distributions the true

xandros: guindows xp... http://www.xandros.com/
winbuntu: guindows whit linux theme combined... http://www.ubuntu.com/
win-kubuntu: i recomend this other the firs, cos kde is more like windows feelings  http://www.kubuntu.org
redhat: guindows 2000 server, heavy and unused time...
mandriva: claims for a past (mandrake) with a fracased windosers users...
suse: the hipocresy in fact, guindo vista with a few themes!!
debian: linux zealots but with a medium level of knows.. http://www.debian.org/
slakware: we are linux, we are UNIX!, but we are users? http://www.slackware.com/
geento: linux pure masoquism...zealots we make all more dificult.. for fun?.. http://www.gentoo.org/
knoppix: for ignorant windosers users that are gey fear-people... http://www.knoppix.net/
kanopix: we are debian sid, sure! trust me!... we are experts also! http://www.kanotix.com/
DSL: the more faster, more speed, less space, best powerfully, but we only have a 486!..help us!.. http://www.damnsmalllinux.org

ok i will post the most related win/osx/linux info about this distros:

xandros: most windows like, and most stable and most techc support and responsability.. is  metadistro, is derived from debian.
ubuntu: most frienly, and quasi windows like, if use kubuntu u are in a most window like.. is no a real linux distro, cos derived from debian and win-buntu.
redhat: most aprobed by enterprises, but is not the best solution, funtion like MS soft system. Is a real linux distro.
suse: great support, feel like windows as if not look like windows.. a lot of friendly linux.. is a real linux distro, and not derived (in start yes) from redhat.
debian: is only for medium-expert linux real users, and the most arch suppot linux, curently suppot MAC, INTEL, SPARC, AMD64, PS2, WII, and more.. and have the most great repository of software.. is the second in longevy and a real linux distro, mother of the 90% of linux distro like winbuntu, kanotix, DSL, and a lot of more!.
slackware: the best linux like pure solution, use only for real linux purposes and for be a selected user of a new world, is the distro by defualt for hacktivist and hacking solutions.. and the more long time linux in history alive today! Is a real lnux distro.
mandriva: windows or linux? waht fuck we doing? decided please! derived from redhad.
kanotix: the very best solution for debian, live and devel purpose. derived from debian too.
knoppix : best solution for live non instalation linux use in pc, without touch the HD disk! derived from debian too.
DSL : best solution for install on USP drive or less space on drive linux, derived from debian too.
ufff i willcontinue later...

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