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STEP 1 LIKE PRO : got a computer.. from Atom to Core Duo

Now when started to use a ATI HD 7570 new gpu card..  that is the xperience of migratin from an MINI N455 ATOM Laptop to an Dual Core 2GHZ + AMD Raedon 7570 GPU!

Got surprised! i play like pro in a stupid ATOM N455 1.6GHz! YES! be adware!

OK it's not so high end computer.. the trick: Radeon HD 7570 makes a big difference! les't see how this GPU card make a big difference because today games and web browsers uses too much GPU event the CPU of computers!
Here you will check how a new GPU makes a big difference
Here you will check how linux performs better! pro-pvp from minecraft!
Here you will check what linux are better for older machines!
Here you will check that there's no need of a new machine to be like pro!

The started Machine:

In that poor machine Atom N455, started playing minecraft as "pro-pvp" and now today a child used with nick "Soy_educado", also locally whit 10 -25 FPS and mostly he played skyblock (does not renders too much). So next i used optimization mods, played on a server (does not haves to tick the chunks).

I killed all services! Only used an X without window manager as desktop, i played it at 30-42 fps making super optimization tricks,
An day i got new mini laptop, but... it does not sounds and the monitor is super small, (i am musician and i does not like things without sound,) it produces 25 -40 fps, another  day, whit that mini laptop i make a super optimization trick (see above parraph ) i played minecraft at 30 fps whit 8 chunks render, but because i like music (like a musician) i don´t like it. Because it does not sounds.
using a poor Celeron D CPU i got 60 fps 16 chunks render, desmotrating that today almost any application uses too much GPU (yes.. i put the Radeon HD 7570 on that), no optimization

Why not the older but desktop computer:

I have an old computer, an Intel Desktop boad D101GCC : so i try to use it:

With an surprise! Intel Desktop boad D101GCC using a poor Celeron D CPU i got 60 fps 16  chunks render, desmotrating that today almost any application uses too much GPU (yes.. i put the Radeon HD 7570 on that), no optimization, but the power supply source burned out¡ Due that, some Capacitors get damaged, Power supply source is not enoung to give all the PC energy so i retired the ATI Radeon HD 7570 from the computer and try to use the Azalia ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Integrated, still get burned the power source.. so no way.. i cannot use that computer!


So for a good motherboard you must use a good power supply source.. an ATX 700W power supply source are the minimun required to!
Take notes on the "A"'s on the table, the most important are:
  • +12V (25A are not enought but there are X2, in fact 50A are enought)
  • -12V (0.3A are not enough)
  • +3.3V (24A are enougth)
  • +5V (18A are just the minimun recommended)
  • and +5VSB (3.0A are enought
An important note, here are two +12V so there are two set of 25A so in fact this power source gives just 50A to the +12V outs.. unless the ohers that by example said +12V 30A are just minimun recomended. Most cheap power sources just gives minimun like -12V with 0.8 A but +3.3V just gives 18A so always try to buy or use a over limit power source with enought Ampers in outs!

I will need to say it bye in 5 days (for when you see this post i will not have the powerful machine, now i have and runs fastere.. but thats because GPU it makes part of the job at the web browser!

Got a temporal Core Duo +  RAdeon HD 7570!

I taken temporally an Dual Core 2.60 Ghz (they gave me it to repair it, they haves ten  times more powerfull PC´s). Place on it the grapick card and Voila it WOOOOORKS :D , i can  use it for like an week i do all the things that i can´t do whit the "baker" laptop (like be pro, play adventure maps, using mods, HD texture packs, fancy grapics, and no lag) the one exception is that it only haves 990 Mb of RAM.

I will need to say it bye in 5 days (for when you see this post i will not have the powerful machine, now i have and runs fastere.. but thats becouse GPU it makes part of the job at the web browser!
It's not necesary to put so fancy hardware.. just a good graphic card.. you noted that is not a powered machine... but with the AMD ATI Radeon HD 7570 on it.. web browser and video runs better so far!

Using Linux and AMD ATI Radeon HD 7570: yes linux+minecraft!

Yes i used linux! only linux.. no shit no stupid OS for stupid people.. i take note with the "Windows made for dummies" .. do you know what dummies means? yeah you are a stupid person! sorry.. sad true!
The Linux support renders better.. reason: The more complex the code is the more likely it is to be buggy, the more difficult the bugs are to find and the more likely there are to be hidden bugs.
So if a Xorg/graphics module have more feaures and code.. of course will use more cpu cicles to compute results.
The Linux ATI/RADEON Xorg module are featureless compared to propietary one! so are more light to executed by the computer.. less instructions commpiled so less instructions to computed!
CAUTION: This GPU are wrongly listed as "Radeon TURKS 6560 6575..." if you try to list with "lspci" but dont fail in erroneous configurations..

Testing using all the chunks and fog!

The Linux version i used! and Which linux are recommended?:

I started to use Debian to test.. but Debian 10 only give me 20fps.. so based on "more complex the code is the more likely it is to be buggy" changed to Debian 8 jessie,.. that was enought! lateer backported Firefox and that's all we need : play games with Opengl 3 as minimun and browse web with recent enought firefox 69!
KERNEL: dont upgrade.. use the default with Debian 8 or 7; Kernel are still 3.16.. due any computer from 2009 to 2014 are old.. its not recommended to upgrade to a 4.X kernel.. freexian ExLTS will provide 4.19 backports kernels from Debian oficial but is not recomended.. try and you will got lower fps in that old computers like the Intel D101GCC or the Intel GM31 both are not good for 4.X or 5.X kernels if you want to play with good fps the games!
MESA AND DRI: can use backported from Antix or Debian archive repos. Of course Mesa are just 10.3 and LibDRM are just 2.3 but using backports from archive.. you can install Mesa 13.2 and LibDRM 2.4.70 that gives enough Opengl 4.0 .
FIREFOX AND NSS: Using binary deb from AntiX repositories can install Firefox 70 or inclusivelly is better and recommended use the upgrades repositories from freexian that provides ExLTS and so install Firefox 69 to browse web pages without problems of "unsuported browser" warnings.
Debian based: recomended Debian 8 jessie or VenenuX 1.0 jessie take from https://sourceforge.net/projects/vegnuli/files/VenenuX-1.0/venenux-1.0-comunity/venenux-minetest-1.0-i386.hybrid.iso/download and just install it.. its a MINIMAL DESKTOP BASED ON OPENBOX..

OK i just installed .. but how to lauch and play?

To gain good peerformance with the games.. you must kill all the running apps.. specially Firefox or Chromium, those will eat all the RAM meomory on system.. and minecraft and games will need that RAM memory to performs a good fps rendering process!

I run the games from the console.. yes.. no desktop, no menu.. i will show how to made that but in future post.. this was only to setup my new computer and try to gain an power supply source!
This are the recommens:
  • Use LXDE if you are a noob or still are in stupid level "apt-get install lxde"
  • dont install winbuntu linux like.. please take a test.. it runs slower!
  • if you wants to play dont install any server like LAMP, apache2, mariadb
  • if you still: stop the services before play "/usr/sbin/service apache2 stop"!
  • Use xterm event any other terminal
  • Close all the browsers. before play a game, get sure to are closed!
  • Install htop to property kills any remaining app
  • Start to learn to use TTY consoles (by press CRTL+ALT+F3 and ...)
  • Start to learn to use the XORG service GUI (by press CRTL+ALT+F7 or F8)

Please donate me an power supply source! to property write more articles!


Here with 5 kills in push and pull conquest!

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