Feeds, issues, packages and code source about emulation and pograming, of VENENUX proyects, Debian related distros and massenkoh!

VENENUX 0.6 firts release!!!!

LINK UPDATE; now link are static!!!!!

LINKKS updates, report problems to comments page! !!!!!

link UPDATED!!!!!!!.. AGAIN !! md5 checksum are into iso included!



in the venenux blog there are the changelog and features! awesome is the word to describe!


now after a long time, we back on work, there is the results, the package emulation devel suite for microcontrolers, a PIC's enviorement suite for devel.. for now theres only a few packages, cos i hv problems on lenny and etch with some others packs (i use sarge) theres the tested and working packaged ready, in future i put the metapackage and some non-free (but opensource) solutions..
only added venenux repository to debian etch or VENENUX and enjoy..
here the line to put on source.list file:

deb http://triviazus.com/venenux/vnzpacks/micro ./
NOTA: la entrada sera actualizada en la subida del metapaquete que los instala todos..

NOTE> etch users must select to install etch taged package, sarge users not, the rest of packages are swichtable for both releases either sarge , lenny or etch


pikdev : ide and programing/flashing/eviorement suite for asm/pic's

pikloops : sorce code generation of loops and cycles for asm/pic's

wla-dx : utils, compilersa and builders for asm Z80, 6501 and intel 8051 baseds

cpik : (non-free) the C to asm trancode traductor compiler

gpuitls / gpsim / binutils : same as debian but up to date for sarge and etch

sdcc librarys : smal device C compilers and crosscompilers for asm cpu programing

nitpic, nicprog, nicasm > same as debian but up to date for sarge and etch

resultados rusnies

bueno otra porqueria mas, dias sin funcionar, una vez mas, chavez queda mal porque unos guevones no saben nada y jalan bolas pero desde los pelos....

una foto para que se pongan las pilas y ya no voy a decir porque estan haciendo el trabajo0 mal.. demasiado idiotas los guindosers que trabajan con linux..