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Upgrading debian (old)stable to debian (new)stable


 Debian 11 was released, now we will show you how to upgrade from any Debian to any new Debian! It means you can upgrade any by example future Debian 12 to future Debian 13, or inclusively oldoldstable to next oldstable..

icon tray and indicators dissapears with ayatana - Linux is not more GNU linux


 At Alpine we know it's all old school, if you try to install in Alpine all by hand, or in Debian by hand (without the recommendations enabled); in both cases, you will notice that no icons will appear in the taskbar! Yes! just as you suspect, is related with windowised crap and standards!

If you fell for it with the inclusion of Microsoft code in the kernel, if you feel shit already when smells with the shitstemd invasion, you will fall and fall again when you find out that Canonical created a standard for the notification area "that unifies all system flags"! Yes ... more software trying to take unified control.

Winlinux is coming... and you doing nothing to protect the freedom of diversity that linux offered!

Zabbix monitoring and management - introduction


Since Zabbix it focuses on hosts: So is the right choice for monitoring distributed networks (was originally developed for monitoring servers). Zabbix is manager also, is ipv6 ready! fully supported, also featured proxy-server for hidden and firewalled networks

In cases where there is no option to install an agent, Zabbix offers basic agentless monitoring. With it, you can check the availability of network services, as well as execute remote commands, with this introduction, we started a series of post about deploy Zabbix in alpine and/or debian linux, also for distributed networks.

 Lest get started to understand the features:

gitea is now officially a separate application from gogs - changes from macaroni to chi


Gogs git project and repository manager marked the before and after in git management, but due to its conservative development line (less stupid commits for features), was born a parallel called gitea, this is no longer its shadow, not using macarron as framework, one of the base projects of the gogs architecture.

Which web framework should Gitea switch, Gin or Chi? · Issue #7403 · go- gitea/gitea · GitHub 

ostiket 1.9.X SOLUTION TO "SMTP: STARTTLS failed code: 220, response OK "



.in osticket 1.12, 1.10 as well as 1.9 if you have a strongly configured running system .. and you want to connect locally (that is, we do not need high security) the configuration is impossible with localhost even though its ports are 100% closed and it is ILOGICO SO SAFETY!!!

The most illogical of his problems was " oticket authentication failure [SMTP: STARTTLS failed (code: 220, response: Ok)] ", ...

pam_mysql errors: symbol my_make_scrambled_password and dlerror



.. old Linux always works, newer ones are shit, but here we are.. lest fix that crap: pam_mysql just dont load in Debian, cos is moved over a "secure locations, also, comes with some problems in Debian 7, Debian 8 and Debian 9 if you used differents Mysql/Mariadb versions. Here the simple and other solutions:

roundcube: "Invalid request. No data was saved" - Impossible log in via HTTP after logging in via HTTPS


since roundcube 1.0.X the api was changed and now is so difficult to ignorant normal people to use it.. i mean a normal people just want to navigate it and then on migrations it raises this error: 

Failed roundcube_sessid cookie set

This was reported at roundcube in the issue https://github.com/roundcube/roundcubemail/issues/7691 of course as always the hypocrite  @alecpl just limit to said "it works for me" 

DVTM - fast graphical how to !!!


 dvtm 🔥 #dynamic #virtual #terminal #manager fast gif video how to use! 


( since alpine 3.8 / desde alpine 3.8 😱 )


( since debian etch 4)

Solution to #isolinux error in live-build for #old #debian versions


 🇬🇧 #error #isolinux for #older #builds of #debian using #live-build

the crap of sury php repository and controversial problems, tips to solve and more


Let's remember the php DotDeb that did its job so well so good, and now we have. sury's php repository ..UPDATED: check: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=982574#39

The sury packages have problems but one in particular prevents you from using it, there are really two, the php-http and the php-recode, this because the newer versions of these packages only work with php 7.3 and the sury repo only packages the last of all, which leaves in evidence that it breaks the other versions. This is only the most detailed, other details make this repository very controversial.