Feeds, issues, packages and code source about emulation and pograming, of VENENUX proyects, Debian related distros and massenkoh!

MASSENKOH and package repository: McKAY host finaly up


New updates and new finaly packages, hosting and VENENUX related issues, massenkoh updates!!!

Nuevas actualizaciones y finalmente nuevos paquetes, hosting y asuntos relativos a VENENUX, actualizaciones de massenkoh!!

McKAY host file and package :

Massenkoh donwloable complety page, massenkoh linux based in Deban etch, with kernel 2.6.24 and complete multimedia enviorement, with all emulators and development tools, included Xaphire theme for KDE desktop!!!

Pagina descargable massenkoh, massenkoh linux basado en debian etch, con kernel 2.6.24 y completo entorno multimedia, con todos los emuladores y herramientas de desarrollo, incluido tema Xaphire para escritorio KDE!!!

A look for xandros menu with some packages installed!!!!!!!

powerarena = openarena+ quake3 + new arms support added

Powerarena its a openarena modification for allowing loading of modified mods made for quake3, u can download in massenkoh repo:
This modified version of openarena/ioquake3 engine are specialy made for suppoort the wordofpadman mod and the bidforpower mod also too!, both downloable from same repo !!!!