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DEV 1 like a pro: start to setup my Devuan environment

CASE: you are a noob.. LAMP are just a word, and their meaning are LAMMER! You; a stupid stupid garbage that used windos in the past.. yes .. i take you piece of shit and make a men of you: today we will setup a computer installation environment for a full web stack developer.

JWM runnin meld, giggle, geany and mysqlworkbench

STEP 1 LIKE PRO : got a computer.. from Atom to Core Duo

Now when started to use a ATI HD 7570 new gpu card..  that is the xperience of migratin from an MINI N455 ATOM Laptop to an Dual Core 2GHZ + AMD Raedon 7570 GPU!

Got surprised! i play like pro in a stupid ATOM N455 1.6GHz! YES! be adware!

#comparing #virtuals #VirtualBox vs #Docker #Xen #KVM

A quick comparison between containers and virtual ones is a clear choice between speed or security and ease of administration: