Feeds, issues, packages and code source about emulation and pograming, of VENENUX proyects, Debian related distros and massenkoh!

The massenkoh linux? how will be, screenshots

Now lest show screens from massenkoh/venenux fusion:

Initial screen at boot cd:
Venenux-MSK/GNU: at boot  CD/DVD
This is the screen grub boot the live mode, also same for normal mode when installed too, includes support for both GFX grub, as well grub & grub2!  


Boot init complety graphical, complete graphical consoles:
This is completely graphical boot, when "grub" start, will show always a venenux logo until the desktop starts. This graphic mode will be present even in the serial console. This capability are embebed into kernel code, see screens:
Of course, that need a modern graphical GPU card in machine, but dont worry, if u dont have one, this is the start when there is a very older graphics card, such as the old intel i810. See screen shot for that case:
Venenux-MSK/GNU: kernel console boot at very older cards cases
Users welcome session screen:
Of course the sessions welcome screen are complety artwork integrated:
Venenux-MSK/GNU: welcome screen at user's session starts
Desktop artwork complety friendly:
On the KDE desktop there is a new additional menuK some menus for the session and another for places in the machine: 
Venenux-MSK/GNU: new menuk more usefully
The new theme is integrated art even in the file browser, including chromium & konqueror!:
Venenux-MSK/GNU: a 100% integrated artwork
Venenux desktop, now a KDE 3.5.11 desktop! showing in this picture is starting the graphical interface for Mednafen, that emulates exclusive 12 video game consoles:
Venenux-MSK/GNU: starting mednafen interface
New software programs that works:
Many software was replaced, for new and usefully more complete but simple&single equivalents!

The player SMPlayer is good, but complex, and that fails to play DVD's menus. To save space the complicated change this super simple, functional and ultra-lightweight 100%, uses xine MENUS that if you put DVD's and not fail like mplayer. This player is ultra simple and seamless. :
Venenux-MSK/GNU: complex smplayer was replaced by more usefully and simple codeine
The artworks from gringos was removed, now was included true community, artwork a product without false communities, here I included the work of many others, mention special for Brosky design.:
Venenux-MSK/GNU:real comunity artwork was included now
Software also is not "put it on and give me credit" but actually modified to Venenux! Addendum: lenny versions are (0.8) and squeeze (0.9), not just a remaster with various software installed from Debian!
Venenux-MSK/GNU:software que si se necesita y bien actualizado para que no envejezca rapido