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Upgrading debian (old)stable to debian (new)stable


 Debian 11 was released, now we will show you how to upgrade from any Debian to any new Debian! It means you can upgrade any by example future Debian 12 to future Debian 13, or inclusively oldoldstable to next oldstable..

icon tray and indicators dissapears with ayatana - Linux is not more GNU linux


 At Alpine we know it's all old school, if you try to install in Alpine all by hand, or in Debian by hand (without the recommendations enabled); in both cases, you will notice that no icons will appear in the taskbar! Yes! just as you suspect, is related with windowised crap and standards!

If you fell for it with the inclusion of Microsoft code in the kernel, if you feel shit already when smells with the shitstemd invasion, you will fall and fall again when you find out that Canonical created a standard for the notification area "that unifies all system flags"! Yes ... more software trying to take unified control.

Winlinux is coming... and you doing nothing to protect the freedom of diversity that linux offered!

Zabbix monitoring and management - introduction


Since Zabbix it focuses on hosts: So is the right choice for monitoring distributed networks (was originally developed for monitoring servers). Zabbix is manager also, is ipv6 ready! fully supported, also featured proxy-server for hidden and firewalled networks

In cases where there is no option to install an agent, Zabbix offers basic agentless monitoring. With it, you can check the availability of network services, as well as execute remote commands, with this introduction, we started a series of post about deploy Zabbix in alpine and/or debian linux, also for distributed networks.

 Lest get started to understand the features: