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infraestructure inconsistences will harm any project like devuan


Details will always make the difference, and here is a small but important one: Devuan, are almost all sourcered from Debian, BUT does not take on its own differences... leaving small but important DETAILS as errors, like this: in the bug report #363 the "important" severity is not for Devuan but in Debian it is... of course... they copied the bug report system, but forgot to polish the details:

Let's Encrypt: how to use DeVian dehydrated for many services as mail, web, etc

This guide will work for any Devuan, VenenuX or Debian system, including old ones, you can have a debian 7, 8 including debian 6 or 5 and it will still fit.
 dehydrated its the best solution for paranoic admins and those that not want stupid chain tools in their servers.. is thin, light and simple to use!

Diversity of the Init System in danger from Debian affects other distros

One possible slick will occupy the freedom of choice of advanced users from the mother distro: Debian; that one that respects diversity and freedom of choice at the level of “Startup Systems (Init), all due to the future General Resolution 2019-002 of the DEBIAN Project on how the great Mother Distro should address the existing Diversity on Startup Systems.

Summarizing there are 3 resolutions that eliminate freedoms of diversity, leaving only the "systemd", hence the one that most people hate systemd, all this is called "a healthy approach to PID1" in technical jargon.
Its consequences: death / obstruction to the work of other distros through extra workload because there will only be systemd: Devuan and MXLinux among others.