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TeaISO - ultimate simple ISO image creation tool


This is just a Live ISO generator, but wait! It's not what you think! It generates any linux iso in a simple way, with a generic method.

The mayor feature its that produces ISO of any kind of linux distribution as base.




Hard work can almost equal talent, which means that the talented don't know hard work


 Hard work can almost equal talent, which means that the talented don't know hard work. Many genius children never achieve any development or success, saying that it is due to lack of resources or guidance is the same as saying that they never knew the effort. We have Dick Warner, Billy Graham etc etc etc  

When we talk about resolution capacity, we refer to the strategies that a person has to deal with certain situations in the most appropriate way.  

Our example happened just to illustrate: Rowan Atkison vs Richard Curtis 22-08-2020 - https://youtu.be/Xhd-QmdRaGo

Reasons why nvidia are so candy now with linux! TODAY RELEASED SOURCES OF MODULES


I was planning to make a three-part article, so then where I estimate that Linux is finished as a desktop and that now it is part of the companies that determine which direction their communities should take, because without money there are no resources... but... this comes up: Just in time, when everything looks bad, THE NVIDIA GPU OPENS TO THE COMMUNITY..

That is not just casuality.. check easyle in only 1 minute why that happened, and was not a diplomatic curse! XD