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ROOT hearchi FS, correrctions

Theres a doc for FS standars : http://www.pathname.com/fhs/pub/fhs-2.3.html#THEROOTFILESYSTEM But theres some corrections apply to Debian, "/usr" must not be in other places, the refer are "/usr/share"...

debian squeeze

Debian squeeze are now stable an i now back to lenny, with etch, sarge are now freeze for me, so then, working now in etch, lenny.

Now Debian has more enphasys on misc, like winbuntu, debian in many years will be a borring distro, with ubuntu and new windoze packagesr..

The new features are KDE 4.4.5, KMS enabled by default and able for Intel, Radeon, Noveau (nVidia), the rest of xorg packages are DRI1 and maybe not enabled some 3D features. LXDE are now a oficial robust desktop! And kernel are deblobed by debianmantainers, sorry, stupid! A lot of fresh hardware on install fase will no work without privative firmware!!!! MORE: http://www.debian.org/News/2011/20110205a

In the video, KDE4 desktop its too heavy, respect gnome (puah), that the home opens slowly, very! ---- http://www.esdebian.org/video/45123/debian-squeeze-artwork

For now, squeeze brings new 3D engine on some noveau VP and most recent Intel based chipst, except SandyBridge, but if u desiree, mix testing and sid repos and test new noveau Nvidia 3D Gallium packages and recent new Intel DRI KMS enabled packages with debugging interface enabled.
Currenly porting Xorg to etch/lenny! see http://venenuxmassenkoh.blogspot.com