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configuring ftp for sybase replication of data sync

Sybase its the only DBMS that includes a complete MQTT since acient times.

Currently can sync DB's using HTTP, SMB, FTP, File based or paste-based, we ignores the SMB option due obviously insecure.

Here due special requeriments of sybase replication sync, FTP need special requeriments, and most common options are very insecure (MS ftp, ProFTP, etc), so lest configure the most minimal and restricted posible, the PureFTP service software for Sybase sync databases.

Why and why not and where?

  1. Distributed data its the fashion and the rule those days.
  2. High availibility need real hardware, so Docker or VM are not viable.
  3. Sybase and ftp options offers the bi-directional feature.

Brief services in the Docker/machine/virtual

type port software exposed/ip objetivo
web 80 lighttpd [ ] internal only
ftp 21 pureftp [x] -> 21 ftp sync
db 3309 mariadb [ ] admin ftp web
php5.3 [ ] admin ftp web
feature Best choices others options must or may change?
hardware DELL T110 II Docker/VM Its good idea a more cheap like docker or VM its the best.
Hard disk SAS RAID 250Gb nop FTP sync implicts many I/O operations, we need good performance
Net card e1000 (1) e1000 (1) FTP sync implicts many I/O operations, we need good performance
sistema operatvo Devuan 1.0 Debian 5 lenny A non-systemd OS its mandatory, due the init < 2 process do not perturb the remaining services.
ip4v a VPN could be great by-lan with DMZ?