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Zabbix monitoring and management - introduction


Since Zabbix it focuses on hosts: So is the right choice for monitoring distributed networks (was originally developed for monitoring servers). Zabbix is manager also, is ipv6 ready! fully supported, also featured proxy-server for hidden and firewalled networks

In cases where there is no option to install an agent, Zabbix offers basic agentless monitoring. With it, you can check the availability of network services, as well as execute remote commands, with this introduction, we started a series of post about deploy Zabbix in alpine and/or debian linux, also for distributed networks.

 Lest get started to understand the features:

gitea is now officially a separate application from gogs - changes from macaroni to chi


Gogs git project and repository manager marked the before and after in git management, but due to its conservative development line (less stupid commits for features), was born a parallel called gitea, this is no longer its shadow, not using macarron as framework, one of the base projects of the gogs architecture.

Which web framework should Gitea switch, Gin or Chi? · Issue #7403 · go- gitea/gitea · GitHub