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The RIAA comes for the third world downloaders of YouTube-dl


 YouTube-DL  , has been  removed from GitHub for the time being following an RIAA threat  , as noted by Parker Higgins of the Freedom of the Press Foundation  today. What evidence that Microsoft is a shit that contributes and here you will read why!  Becouse there are many devices that also violate the law section 1201 like a webcam that records a movie , should this webcam be sanctioned? Stupid .. they just want to fuck free software! Well anyway! It was just software from the stupid python language .. since it can run on windos !!! how silly these windowsers .. they are victims of the same platform gentlemen of M$!

Debian ibm-java80-jdk – IBM Java Development Kit (JDK) 8.0 DEBs packages


 ibm-java80-jdk - IBM Java (TM) Development Kit (JDK) 8.0 is the version of the JAVA engine from IBM and although it works only with Glibc (it cannot be used in alpine) it is one of the few engines with good performance (Although more ram consumption) especially on rare architectures (like s390 etc). Here packages for all debians ...