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Why gitlab, SourceForge instead GitHub? SF vs GL vs GH!


Why SourceForge instead of GitHub?

The answer is actually quite simple, the only reason, GitHub doesn't offer dinamic php+mysql web hosting, neither a place to upload large packages (just a master package) and then provide statistics on those files. SourceForge does provide dinamic web hosting and even breaks it down on a daily, weekly, monthly, annually, and all time statistics. Of course, too complex, heavy and get many workload on client side on browsers, but provide it and with a lot of space!!!.

Why GitLab instead GitHub?

Gitlab offers same services from github PLUS private repositories complety free of charge, also BUILDERS for containers. Take in consideration that Github rules permit to erase your data! Gitlab permit any kind of data.
Github does not offer some avanced integration testing and analising tools, lest see, github offers integrations with Jenkis, but need extra steps, also integration with dinamic pages but again need extra steps and authentications.

debian jessie

Debian jessie are now stable an i now back to squeeze, with etch, lenny are now freeze for me, so then, working now in finish sysvinit/hal era of linux and started the new systemd/udev era
Ian was gone! and new stuffs comes to Debian, many caused breaks, like the rumors of fork of it! Ian Murdok the father of Debian project always thing about proyections but today that its a M$ like enterprice!


With this release, hal and sysvinit has end, the "hard-forced" systemd from win-hat guys are a fact and udev/upower/udisk are the new devices managers.

The wheeze release was only a "transitional release" like sarge does and lenny/etch does!

The UEFI support was added but not as totally free software. UEFI uses a firmware check so has a closed object check at boot. The boot areenabled in 32 and 64 bits archs.

Multiarch is a radical rethinking of the filesystem hierarchy with respect to library and header paths, to make programs and libraries of different hardware architectures easily installable in parallel on the very same system. So with this i386 and x64 can be both packages instalable in same machine. Of couse be prepared to a lot of space consume, its like have a duplication of.

Media installers reduced: yes now all come to the net, only a set of 4 DVD's or 12 CD's are made, the rest of sofware are in the repositories.

Mate, cinnamon are new desktop, in the old-school fashion scene, and now backport are in main as normal repository!


Personally now the linux scenary are like the M$ does, a windo-like systems with huge of complex requeriments and user-oriented stupid things. Minimun requeriments are raised now from 200MHz with 128Ram for a GTK/qt desktop to a minimun of 1GHz with 1GB Ram for decent web browsing!

U are forced to use those if comes for frowsing and use recent hardware and recent stuff need this recent release of jessie! There's no way, other than VenenuX 0.X series or the recent Debian/VenenuX releases.