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Debian vs Devuan - the complete guide to choose

Devuan project aims to made a complete Linux distribution, but the fact its that tracks 90% of the Debian work. This article are up to date to Aug 2021 with release of bullseye.

Debian its the mother of most famous distros, including Devuan! But must be considering that Devuan are now more faster but more. so lest see some important thing respect the recently "/usr merge" and "systemd home invassion" incoming things in future:

We have two parts, overall differences, and more deep technical differences, recommended for those that will be used more than only to see movies or browse the internet!

Before read the complete article, i currently used Devuan as main system, but please take in consideration that almost all notes seems negative; why? well Devuan are more efficient rather than Debian.. but if we take the overall user vision.. Devuan will fail as complete solution.