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wikileaks and massive attakers, crackers are not hackers ok


An attack itself named "Operation Payback for Assange" run out and remains unanswered sites and computer systems from PostFinance, MasterCard and Visa responding to closing and pressures on Assange and WikiLeaks organization suffering; which is just another incident that occurred in enterprises that vetoed WikiLeaks. The group of hackers CRACKERS CRACKERS (ok that!) called "Anonymous." also attack the Swedish law firm that represent the two stupid women who have been accused of sexual abuse on Assange.

Currently there is a confrontation between hackers and the bad calls, that are really CRACKERS, as these actions means taking justice into their own hands, but they are also measures of protest against injustice and "political accommodation" in front of the naked truth !!!!!

In the micro blog on Twitter network called "Operation Payback" (Operation Revenge) there are the information.

We also have the site IRC: irc.anonops.net port 6667 in hispano and setuphispano channels!!!

As noted by a representan of "Anonymous", WikiLeaks became for hackers "something more important than just a source of 'leakage' of documents. It became a battlefield. " Believes that cyber attacks of these companies are "the only effective way of showing that we, the public, we are unhappy."

Now just need to exterminate Win-dozers to target a world free of ignorance, how stupid, said they are hackers !!!!! theire CRACKERS, attackers are always crackers!

Un ataque autodenominado "Operacion Vengar a Assange" agoto y mantiene sin respuesta los sitios y sistemas informaticos de PostFinance, MasterCard y Visa a raiz del cerco que esta sufriendo WikiLeaks y Assange lo cual no es mas que otro incidente mas que se produjo en las empresas que vetaron WikiLeaks. El grupo de hackers CRACKERS CRACKERS (ok si!) que se llama "Anonymous" tambien ataco la firma de abogados suecos que representa a las dos mujeres estupidas que han acusado a Assange de abusos sexuales.

Actualmente existe un enfrentamientos entre hackers y los mal llamados, que son realmente CRACKERS, ya que estas acciones significa tomar justicia por mano propia, pero tambien son medidas de protesta frente la injusticia y "acomodo politico" frente la verdad desnuda!!!!!

En el micro blog en la red social Twitter llamado "Operation Payback" (Operacion Venganza) se encuentra la informacion.

Tambien tenemos el sitio IRC: irc.anonops.net puerto 6667 canales hispano y setuphispano!!!

Segun senala un representante de "Anonymous", WikiLeaks llega a ser para los hackers "algo mas importante que solamente un recurso de "fuga" de documentos. Se convirtio en un campo de batalla". Opina que los ciberataques de esas empresas son la unica manera eficaz de demostrarles que nosotros, la opinion publica, estamos descontentos".

Solo falta exterminar los windoseros para tener un mundo libre de ignorancia, por favor, como decir que son hackers!!!!! estos son CRACKERS, atacadores siempre son crackers!

wikileaks available

WikiLeaks now available at http://wikileaks.de/ http://wikileaks.fi/ http://wikileaks.nl/ WikiLeaks ahora disponible http://wikileaks.de/ http://wikileaks.fi/ http://wikileaks.nl/

EE UU cagado bloquea wikileaks a la gente

http://www.ultimahora.com/notas/383228-Gobierno-de-EEUU-bloquea-a-sus-empleados-el-acceso-a-WikiLeaks si señores, mas cagados imposibles, los paises amigos tambien cagados dejan de albergar wikileaks