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Why gitlab, SourceForge instead GitHub? SF vs GL vs GH!


Why SourceForge instead of GitHub?

The answer is actually quite simple, the only reason, GitHub doesn't offer dinamic php+mysql web hosting, neither a place to upload large packages (just a master package) and then provide statistics on those files. SourceForge does provide dinamic web hosting and even breaks it down on a daily, weekly, monthly, annually, and all time statistics. Of course, too complex, heavy and get many workload on client side on browsers, but provide it and with a lot of space!!!.

Why GitLab instead GitHub?

Gitlab offers same services from github PLUS private repositories complety free of charge, also BUILDERS for containers. Take in consideration that Github rules permit to erase your data! Gitlab permit any kind of data.
Github does not offer some avanced integration testing and analising tools, lest see, github offers integrations with Jenkis, but need extra steps, also integration with dinamic pages but again need extra steps and authentications.