Feeds, issues, packages and code source about emulation and pograming, of VENENUX proyects, Debian related distros and massenkoh!

repository up to date, new packages for mame and kxmame

NEW packages for emulation issues, get gamers packages for sarge, etch VENENUX and lenny here, at venenux's repository...
starring are kxmame, the McKAY's sarge version are powered for alternate emulators and Xv video customize support for best window all covered screen enjoy! also u have the oprecompiled xmame 0.99 and 0.106 with xvideo and powered 2xsace customized support also too.
All emulator packages are fully integrateds with emuzone info and private elements, placed at /var/emulation/ in filesystem.

GNU packages

Mupen64plus are packaged too, sources and issues are fully documented, pluging packages are fully compatibles with old mupen64 0.5 packages, rice, glN64, glide, jttl sound and sdl input plugins systems.

apt for new repository of VENENUX (etch and somes for lenny):
deb http://venenux.org/descargas/vnz06-packages/ vnz/

apt for old repository (sarge and some for etch):
deb http://triviazus.com/venenux/vnzpacks/piccoro/ ./

Browse Old sarge packages (some for etch):


Packages that there are: List

kxmame for Gnu Venenux 2.0-beta-2vnz.etch.lenny1
mupen64plus for Gnu Venenux
mupen64plus-Plugin venenux
libdrm2 last for etch
xorg-video-openchrome to etch
xorg-video-Unichrome to etch
p7zip 4.58 vnz

and the stars do not gnu:

xmame 0.99 for sarge and etch, powered and bios
xmame 0.106 for sarge, Lenny and etch, powered and bios
kxmame powered 2.0-beta-3vnz1, powered with alternative emulations