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Roundcube slow in large inbox - solution

.. my email clients have inboxs of 5000+ emails in average.. some have 9999 (roundcube cannot count perfectly sometimes) after many test, after many tries.. in a crazy step i installed roundcube 0.9.5 and works..

WEll .. as reported in https://github.com/roundcube/roundcubemail/issues/7300 newer version of roundcube are a crap.. seem 0.9.5 performs better with large inboxs:
Seems roundcube 1.4.X .. inclusive 1.2 or 1.3 hangs and get extremely slowly if inbox are too huge.. i used redis cache and mencached and does not help.. any trick and does not help.

Why the older client 0.9.5 works perfectly? Well as all we know.. alec wil not answered.. .

Where i make the conclusion? https://sourceforge.net/p/courier/mailman/message/36959989/ in courier mail list we discuss how to deactivate THREAT sort.. but i think "it was working.. why deactivate this time?" so .. tried with older installed and puff working perfectly!

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