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icon tray and indicators dissapears with ayatana - Linux is not more GNU linux


 At Alpine we know it's all old school, if you try to install in Alpine all by hand, or in Debian by hand (without the recommendations enabled); in both cases, you will notice that no icons will appear in the taskbar! Yes! just as you suspect, is related with windowised crap and standards!

If you fell for it with the inclusion of Microsoft code in the kernel, if you feel shit already when smells with the shitstemd invasion, you will fall and fall again when you find out that Canonical created a standard for the notification area "that unifies all system flags"! Yes ... more software trying to take unified control.

Winlinux is coming... and you doing nothing to protect the freedom of diversity that linux offered!

The indicator-application is installed out of the box in the desktops when you try to installs, but you have to tweak it in order to have icons trays working. This is becouse now all the desktoips in Debian are winbutized by shit developers that by default integrates atayana indicators standar from Canonical. Check the picture of one of the derivatives with and without that crap installed:

What to do? Nothing.. you just use linux and dont care it!

Yeah.. you are just a person that shout out about cancelation  so .. shut up!

As you noted is a project that comes from those crap mades for winbuntu users. There's nothig bad in makes linux easy.. the problem is that also makes linux crap also!

How is work and where are come that thing!

The workflow is the same as the shit of windo.. only show those with pririty.. that's all.. how is that priority.. is first based on notification activbe, later on user preference, but of course. . users do not knows nothigs about that! stupid.. 

The problem in linux is the fearure itselft.. The focus of the project is to improve the perception and presentation of information in the desktop, hence the name; the Buddhist term for a sense base or sense sphere. Specific areas of interest that take priority over everything else are: notifications, indicators, window management, launcher, places, settings and menus.

For now it only affects the big desktops and the some suckdicks packages that integrates it. A  complete list of Debian workprogres is at https://wiki.debian.org/Ayatana/IndicatorsTransition and how surprised! too much winbuntu related thigs there!

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Thanos dijo...

First, thanks for making me laugh a good time with your tech humor blog with a tone of frustrated thief who can't even write well, or buy another laptop. Then I'll ask you what is your super magic configuration of low RAM usage in Debian Wheezy Chiweeze (you also misspell it, how ironic), because you only say a million times Debian Wheeze and you don't talk shit about how to configure it (I saw you mentioned XFCE in a comment), if you are such an expert, you could set up something like Openbox, Fluxbox or IceWM and have even better performance; instead of making a horrible two minute video in which you surely have the laptop all disassembled and you don't turn on the light because you are embarrassed that they see your ranch. And another thing, increasing RAM is valid for any computer instead of your useless argument of planet resources or that 64 bits are the devil. You really suck.

lasted lover. dijo...

They were removed because they were highly inconsistent and hard to manage, I consider this a very good move as it will make Lignux systems more consistent.

I dont see why removing those would make Lignux more "windos" or "Linux is not more GNU linux".

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